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4 How to create phone call at Hotmail Helpline Number

You may notice that in your mail inbox, there are so many unwanted mails. Like any unwanted offers form company, promotion mails etc. but you will not be able to detect form which mail id it is being send to you. Those called spam email or junk mail. This sometimes feels you irritating. You can stop spam email in your Hotmail. You can activate your junk filter to stop spam emails. Suppose you are not interested to receive a mail from a certain user, Hotmail has a simple block sender feature; you can block a sender just you have to identify that user mail id. Click to block sender from the menu of message. You will get a message form Hotmail, that if you want to delete all messages which is your inbox of that user. After that any next message form that user will directly go to deleted message folder. So blocking a sender is quite easy but it will not help you to block a spammer because it’s randomly changes its id.

So you just have to configure junk filter to avoid spam messages

  • Always use browser which have inbuilt junk filtering. For example Hotmail provides built-in spam filtering browser.
  • You have to keep your filter up to date, or else it will not be able to block your spam mails
  • Only share your mail id with known people, you can also create a mail id which can’t be blocked by easily.
  • According to survey, spammer sends almost 4 billion spam messages every day. You can improve your computer security also.

The junk filter checks all of your incoming emails. As soon as a spam message comes in your Hotmail, it will block spam message immediately. You just have to do some settings in your Hotmail, first go to the Hotmail settings, and then select spam protection level which is right for you. You can select from option tab it may be low level, high level or no automation filtering. Spammers does not use same email id twice, so in that way you cannot be able to detect but spam filter will do it. You can also block unwanted mails in different language from different countries. It will help you to reduce spam messages in your inbox. You can also use the different blocks from Hotmail like safe senders, safe receptions.

If you are facing any problem to do settings in Hotmail, you can contact with Hotmail customer service technical support support. They can help you as per your quarry. You will get Hotmail helpline number from any official site of Hotmail.

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