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7 Epson Printer Does not working on my Mac

Epson is Japan’s giant in world-class computer printer Manufacture Company. They are one of the leading printers manufactures across the globe. You will find every sort of printing and scanning solution with Epson printers. They have huge ranges of printers and scanners to match needs of all ranges of customer.

If you are using Epson printer on your Mac computer then, this is a robust printing experience with this combination. But this is not always flawless; there could be some regular error when the printer doesn’t work properly. When you Epson printer stopped working with your Mac computer, then you can refer this guide. Here we are giving you the tips to fix error and get back to printing once again.

When you are not able to find your Epson printer in printer pop-up menu of Print dialogs, printer and scanners preferences or the printer software is missing. You need to follow these steps.

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Epson printer on Mac OS X

Step 1- The first thing you need to check that your printer is turned on and ready; if not then do it first

Step 2- Now disconnect your printer if it is connected to the USB port of your Mac

Step 3- If you are using AirPrint for wireless printing then make sure that it’s properly connected to your Wi-Fi network

Step 4- Here you need to check for latest printer software for Mac so it has updated information about your printer. If it is not there, then download it from Epson’s website

Step 5- After that reconnect your printer with Mac using USB if you disconnected in above Step 2

Step 6- Now from the Finder; select Apple menu, then go to System Preferences, and then click on Printers & Scanners

Step 7- Now you need to choose your Epson printer in the list of devices given

Step 8- Here if you couldn’t fine your printer in Printers & Scanners preferences, then click on Add (+) at the bottom of the list, now select the command to add a printer or scanner

Step 9- After that take a test print; your Epson printer is ready to take print

This works in the most cases but if you still find problem with your Epson printer then you can call our Epson printer customer service and support team anytime on this toll-free number. We are third-party customer service provider for Epson printers for your all concern.


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